Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Daily Three 11/23: New News

So the results of the poll are in. Thank you for everyone who voted. We saw a lot of opinions coming in our direction, but luckily the large group of dedicated staff was able to tally the results and make some well informed decisions after a 27 hour meeting about the current state of the blog.

That being said we are now going for a more stream-lined look; sans-embedded You Tube.

Kid Cudi - Dat New New

Cudi is a cool guy. He was on an HBO show, 'How to Make It in America,' and also wear tight jeans and says words all cool and stuff. I did see him in concert though and it was kind of weak. Ill give him a little benefit and say the venue was kind of bad, but actually he just didn't deliver too hard.

Not to be a downer. He music is still cool. I was on a little boycott because I was bummin' on the concert, but this song name matches my post title too well.

Dat New New (You Tube Link)

(you see? more sleek than a big ol' biggidy video)

Kanye West - Runaway

Ya I know I said that I wouldn't post too much rap, and I will try to lay off, but I am still vibing off his new album. The beats he makes are so nice. They have to be the best out there, and I personally think he is still an underrated rapper. Anyways...

Runaway (You Tube Link)

Also, he made a thirty-some minute 'Runaway' video with a ton of music from his new album. It is kind of weird, but if you watch it all you can see into his mind a bit. Oh yeah, and he is working on an album with Jay-Z, so again I have something special to look forward to.

Trevor Hall - Lime Tree

Some people don't like this song, but guess what, I do. I think the way he does his own echeo is pretty swell.

Lime Tree (You Tube Link)

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