Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Daily Three 11/27: Black Friday

Well, so it was a good run. There was a point there were I thought that I was going to be able to not miss a day. But, after 13, or so, posts, here we are.

I forgot to post yesterday, and am barely making this one on time. No, this is not a sign of the end. This music blog will never die. It shows our grit and toughness. This is a tribute to our entire team. And so on.

Sum 41 - Fat Lip

Ya, this is what we're gonna hit you all with.

I know, I know, I am not going to break down any walls or explode anyone's head with this song. We all heard it, we all liked it enough. But its a cool song, and sometimes they need to be revisited.

Fat Lip (You Tube link)

The Fugees - Killing Me Softly

There is a radio station around were I live that has a segment every once in a while called 'Back in the Day Buffet.' I guess that's what you are all eating at today.

Killing Me Softly (You Tube link)

Johnny Cash - Solitary Man

If you are going to eat why not eat good right.

And so you have Johnny Cash making you feel good about being alone.

Solitary Man (You Tube link)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Comments Can be Anonymous

Just sayin...

I mean, I'm not saying, but I am sayin'.

Go ahead and drop a line. I know not a ton of people are checking this out right now, but I do see there is a decent amount of traffic coming through, I don't know if there is any repeats, but still.

So go ahead and drop a line. Hop on this blog before it starts heating up. There are a lot of plans for things to come. Of course the Daily Three post is evolving so that it can be the best to read that it can be. But also other things like a Weekly Three movie review from a guest writer, and whatever else we can dream up.

Don't be a stranger.

The Daily Three 11/25: Run Away From Me Baby

Run away,
Run away as fast as you can.

Sure, its Thanksgiving, but why let that get in the way of a perfectly good song I have stuck in my head?

Charles Manson - Look at Your Game Girl

I always feel really weird about liking this song. On one hand you have a really smooth melody and pretty insightful lyrics. Then, if you were to look at the other hand, you have a cult leading serial killer that believed the Beatles were instructing him to kill with their songs.

Well, you take the good with the bad. Your pros with your cons, if you will.

Look at Your Game Girl (You Tube link)

Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes - I Miss You

Well, what is the best metaphor for listening to this song?

Like looking out at the city and watching the rain drops cling to the window?

Like slowing down the spinning record in your mind?

Like gathering with all your old friends on a warm afternoon?

I dunno, there is too much good feeling in this song to really put a handle on it. Sure it is kind of sad, the whole I miss you thing and all, but something about really calms me down. If I were to be missing someone it wouldn't make me miss them less, but it would make me feel better about missing them...

I Miss You (You Tube link)

(bonus points for the fly old-school style)

Hi-Tek - Can We Go Back

Ah, yes, one of the best beat makers out there. Smooth and melodic with a slick chorus and a few verses sung by a singer by the name of Ayak. All sealed up in a killer verse by Talib and you have one of my personal favorites.

Can We Go Back (You Tube link)

And ya, are these songs all a little mushy. Do I have something on my mind? No...maybe...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Daily Three 11/24: Killer Beas'

So along with being a huge music fan, I am also a huge sports fan. Currently I am excited for the NBA season, and my team is the Minnesota Timberwolves. Although we have been taking a pretty good amount of pot shots over the last few years, things are looking up.

Over the summer we traded for the much maligned Micheal Beasley from the Miami Heat. He is really hitting his stride and playing like the star player he can be. Why do I tell you may ask? Well, that is a question I do not know the answer to.

Wale - 90210

More rap. Fuck you.

90210 (You Tube Link)

Placebo - Every You Every Me

I first heard this song in a skating video a long time ago. I dunno why, it's not really what I would normally like, but something about this song, and kind of Placebo in general, hit me the right way. Pretty good stuff.

Every You Every Me (You Tube Link)

Prince - Raspberry Beret

The artist formerly know as. Well, he is from Minnesota, that could of been why I started with the Mike Beasley ancedote... but it isn't. Sometimes things just turn out in a certain way and there is nothing you can do about it.

Raspberry Beret (You Tube Link)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Daily Three 11/23: New News

So the results of the poll are in. Thank you for everyone who voted. We saw a lot of opinions coming in our direction, but luckily the large group of dedicated staff was able to tally the results and make some well informed decisions after a 27 hour meeting about the current state of the blog.

That being said we are now going for a more stream-lined look; sans-embedded You Tube.

Kid Cudi - Dat New New

Cudi is a cool guy. He was on an HBO show, 'How to Make It in America,' and also wear tight jeans and says words all cool and stuff. I did see him in concert though and it was kind of weak. Ill give him a little benefit and say the venue was kind of bad, but actually he just didn't deliver too hard.

Not to be a downer. He music is still cool. I was on a little boycott because I was bummin' on the concert, but this song name matches my post title too well.

Dat New New (You Tube Link)

(you see? more sleek than a big ol' biggidy video)

Kanye West - Runaway

Ya I know I said that I wouldn't post too much rap, and I will try to lay off, but I am still vibing off his new album. The beats he makes are so nice. They have to be the best out there, and I personally think he is still an underrated rapper. Anyways...

Runaway (You Tube Link)

Also, he made a thirty-some minute 'Runaway' video with a ton of music from his new album. It is kind of weird, but if you watch it all you can see into his mind a bit. Oh yeah, and he is working on an album with Jay-Z, so again I have something special to look forward to.

Trevor Hall - Lime Tree

Some people don't like this song, but guess what, I do. I think the way he does his own echeo is pretty swell.

Lime Tree (You Tube Link)

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Daily Three 11/22: Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

No, I am not trying to marry Kanye West... (why, did he say something?). But he is one of my favorite artists and his fifth studio album, 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,' comes out today. I have heard some songs from it, and I am very excited.

Anyways, the title is what it is; today we get four Kanyeezy songs because that's what the old saying calls for.

Something Old: Jesus Walks

He recorded this before he had a contract with a record company, so it has to actually be pretty old, but it still manages to feel like a really new song each time I hear it.

Something New: The Joy

This is from his G.O.O.D Fridays mix-tape, where he has been putting up a new song on his website each Friday for a few months. Anyways, I didn't want to step on the toes of his album and post on of those leaked songs, and even more importantly, I love this song and have listened to it at least fifty times since he posted it about three weeks ago.

Something Borrowed: Stronger

He 'borrowed' much of this beat from house band Daft Punk. I have heard some people criticize him for this, and for his sampling, but I think that has gone by the wayside. It is pretty clear that Kanye has plenty of talent by himself.

Something Blue: Heartless

He recorded his '808's and Heatbreaks' album apparently under the emotions of his mom's death and a bad breakup from his long time girlfriend. You could really choose any song from this album, but 'Heartless' has to be the best.

I actually didn't even realize what I great and lyrically full song this was until The Fray covered it. If this was an acoustic pop song it would have been on every radio station.

Oh ya, and the video is really sweet.

Props to Kanye on the new album. I think I am going to get it in vinyl as a cool bit of memorabilia.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Daily Three 11/21: Gone on Business

Business kind of. I have an out of town job interview. You mean to say this flourishing blog doesn't pay the rent? Well you are quit mistaken. I live with my parents, so there is no rent.

But nothing will stop my posting.

Kanye West - Diamonds from Sierra Leone (remix ft. Jay-Z)

I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man.


Stevie Ray Vaughan - Little Wing (live)

Somehow Stevie managed to do Jimi Hendrix covers better than Jimi did them himself. No disrespect to Jimi, I mean hell, I could improve on sliced bread once you show me it's possible.

I just always felt Jimi was a messy artist, but a genius at his craft, creating from thin air what other never would have even imagined. Stevie was a careful painter and worked with perfect strokes. He could replicate the masters very well.

Not to say he was not a master in his own right, but we all know Hendrix is Zues and all the others are working for him.

Anyways, maybe this can be talked more about later. Let us watch SRV rip.

Fats Domino - Blueberry Hill

At first I was starting to feel guilty that most of the songs I post are older. But then I thought of this:

If I have heard songs from the 60's to now, that's 50 years, statistically speaking, only 1/50, or 2% of my songs should be from the last year.

Thinking of it like that makes me feel like I need to give the 50's some love.