Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Call to No One

So, I have a couple of proposed changes. Already? after only like 5 days of posting? No doubt, I'm always hustling.

Anyways, here are my thoughts:

1) Don't embed the videos. Just provide links to places on the web where you can watch/listen/download the audio, be it YouTube (most likely) or some other sites.

This would help make the blog more compact and clean and probably easier to read.

2) Add more emphasis to the about-the-music content. There is a little more talking about the music I could do, a few more stories about the songs or thoughts on them. Maybe a little more research so we can get the albums and years and whatever else would be cool.

Basically I am just thinking about how to make the blog a little more streamlined and interesting to keep up on. Would it be cooler to just come check out three videos each day or read little snippets about three song suggestions each day?

I don't know. So leave any input that you would like to help me make this blog a little more interesting.

And ya, I know some of you folks out there are looking at this. Last check there were 36 pages view. And only 20 of those were mine.

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