Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Daily Three 11/17 : Already Switchin' It Up

Hello and welcome. I am excited to be doing this. A lot of joy for me comes from music, and to be able to share it is going to be fun. I think this will work out well as my music tastes tend to be pretty eclectic. However, I do sometimes get stuck in periods of only listening to one thing.

Right now I am listening to a ton of rap. Not the Rick Ross, Souja Boy stuff (although I don't if anyone listens to Mr. Soulja anymore...), but my niche is the Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli stuff. I really can't get enough of it.

BUT, so as to not start this blog off on the wrong foot, let's give em something else to talk about.

Avril Lavigne - Nobody's Home (live and acoustic)

I don't know... I just have a huge soft-spot for Avril. I was going to post another video of her crying and playing 'Tomorrow' after her grandpa dies, it's riviting, but that might be too much for today. For now we can just marvel at what a good singer she is. The punk stuff she does is fine, probably got her name out and made herself a lot of money, but when it comes down to it she has some real talent. Witness:

The Roots - Rising Up

Alright, I tried, but it couldn't last too long. Here comes some of my favorite style of music; the smooth, melodic, and instrumentally oriented rap that is the Roots. This song has one of the best choruses I have ever heard, sung by Chrisette Michele.

Yesterday I saw a B-girl crying; yesterday I saw a B-girl crying
I walked up and asked what's wrong,
She told me that the radio's been playing the same song all day long
So I told her I got something you've been waiting for
I got something you've been waiting for

MxPx - Chick Magnet

And here we go, the last song of the first day. Better make it groovy.

Thanks for checking it out. Plenty more to come.

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